About Me, About The Georgie Weekly

Georgie (noun): 
1. High-spirited, strawberry blonde, country girl. 
2. Kind and chatty with a zest for life.
3. Resides in a cream, wonky cottage in Norfolk with partner, Tony and three cats.

In a previous blogging life (late 2013) I set up my very first blog concentrating on beauty and continued until 2018. For me the blog name became tired and irrelevant very quickly. I thought of changing it many times but it just didn't happen.

I no longer wanted to write just about beauty, but about my cats, travel plans and my favourite mac 'n' cheese recipe (I'm still on the hunt). I wanted to write about local life, share Barcelona photos and keep an online-diary. Write well-thought out think pieces and talk about female issues. Somewhere to document life.

So here I am back with a fresh NEW lifestyle blog, which really is a bit of me! Isn't that what they say these days? You know, I'm just trying to be down with the kids!

I love to travel, snuggle on the sofa and eat fajitas on a Saturday night. Family, Tony and my cats are always top of the list! Followed by New York, Burghley Horse Trials, Cadbury's Dairy Milk and fabulous skincare.

As the name suggests, I post weekly on my blog, Sundays at 9am (GMT). I'd love for you to join me on Sundays with your first cup of steaming hot coffee of the day.

Contact Me
I cannot wait to meet you and for you to have a mooch around my site. If you wish for a chat on Instagram I'll be there sharing photos of Norfolk life and my cats (of course). 

You can also email me at thegeorgieweekly@gmail.com