The Travel Bug: My Wishlist. Travel Plans

Right now, I'm more than happy to be at home. The thought of flying, being in a confined space for hours and the uncertainty of knowing if we will be able to get home safely and then if we if we face the trials of quarantine, my feet are cemented firmly to British soil for the foreseeable.

With my size 8's planted securely in Norfolk, my head and heart are dreaming of far-away places, spectacular scenery and cuisine I could only dream of. 

Since our road-trip to California was cancelled in March (you can read all about this here), the travel bug inside me is stirring. The bucket list is growing and the bucket is getting very full.

The Travel Bug: My Wishlist. Travel Plans

01. California
It's a no brainer, The Golden State has to feature at the very top of the list. As you all know we had it all planned and were due to board our United Airlines flight on 20th March. With the current covid situation I am not quite sure when we will be re-booking our road trip. 

When the time is right and it's safe to do so, we will re-look at our itinerary, check our visas, pack the guidebooks, snacks and essentials and head to LAX to pick up that convertible Mustang. Disappointed initially, I am still confident we will be joined with The Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood Hills and the Pacific Highway very soon. Just keep that Mustang reserved with the name Stanley (my partner's surname) on it.

02. Marrakesh
Closer to home, Marrakesh has featured on my wishlist for as long as I can remember. The mosques, architecture and colourful souks all appear wonderful in the glossy travel magazines.

Ever since I saw Sarah Jessica Parker dashing around the souks in Sex and The City in a hot flush (albeit Abu Dhabi), The Red City has headed straight to the top of my travel list. 

The maze of alleys and narrow streets are at the heart of the city and I cannot wait to stock up on spices, kitchen bowls and pottery. I'm quite sure the whole experience would be a sensory overload, both magical and mysterious. I've also heard how wonderful the Saint Laurent Museum and Jardin Majorelle is, an oasis of tranquility away from the hustle of the souks.

The over-whelming heat and sky high temperatures are to be avoided, so Marrakesh is something we would look to book at the start of the year for a sun-drenched warm long weekend break.

The Travel Bug: My Wishlist. Travel Plans

03. Lisbon
After our trips to Barcelona and New York, my sister from another mister, Brigita and I are keen to plan our next trip. With so many places to see, many Italian cities and Portugal have all been options. 

After researching, Lisbon looks right up our cobblestoned street. The city complete with pastel coloured houses and indeed cobblestones is said to offer beautiful hilltop views. Alfama is said to be a city within a city, chalk-white chapels, mosaic tiled houses and narrow streets all under the shade of orange trees.

And then there's the famous Portugese egg tarts. I would be more than happy exploring these streets, eating tarts with my bestie. Or finding an illegal speak-easy style Chinese restaurant, in someone's house!? That sounds nuts and both amazing in the same sentence!

Lisbon, it won't be too long (we hope) until we can explore your streets and chinese delights!

04. Venice
2020 is definitely not the year to travel. In January we were due to spend a weekend in Venice for Tony's birthday, however Thomas Cook collapsed and the flight and hotel were cancelled. 

Still very much on my to-see list, I'm quiet sure we will book Venice again. Canals, gondolas, Italian food and gelato.  I love Italy and am keen to explore more. Another place we fancy going to when it's much cooler and less busy. 

The Travel Bug: My Wishlist. Travel Plans

05. South Africa
Cape Town, wine (even though I'm not a big drinker), Table Mountain and safari. Need I say more?

Cape Town has long been a dream, mainly as I would love to stay in a cabin and catch sight of the animals in their natural habitat. My appreciation and love for animals grows daily, I'm not quite sure how that's even possible! 

This is definitely one to save for and I'm quite sure one day when Tony and I do make it over there, every single moment will exceed expectations and will be caught on camera.

What do you have on your bucket list? Is there anywhere you desperately want to travel to? Are you saving for a big trip? Or has covid put you off even thinking about where to head to next?