A Typical Norfolk Sunday

With lock-down easing and life feeling as though it's returning to a new normal I thought it was time to share with you what a typical Sunday is like in the Stanley household. 

Please note, the photos shown in this blog post do not feature our wonky cottage, just wonderful properties a few miles away from where I live.

I'm always up early. This morning I woke at 4.22 am, thinking I had to get up (we get up for work around 5.00 am each day in the week). 

I eventually surfaced around 3 hours later and then first things first: time for a brew and to flick the kettle on. 

Feed the cats whilst the water is boiling. Then it's time for a weekly appointment with the washing machine. 

Tony often jokes that I'm a washer-woman. I seem to spend my weekends washing, pegging clothing on the line, ironing and then it's time to do it all over again. New hashtag hey? #washpegironrepeat - can't see that one taking off, can you?

Tea made. My ideal shade is between 'Skimmed Alive' and 'Cuppa Cabana'. I may have to invest in this print? I mean can you believe there is a colour chart for tea?!? I have a splash of milk and one level teaspoon of sugar (trying to reduce that entirely). And it has to be PG Tips first, Yorkshire Tea bags come a close second.

I wash any tea cups up from the night before (beer glass for Tony) and plump the cushions up on the sofa as I head upstairs.

A Typical Norfolk Sunday, Sunday Routine
A Typical Norfolk Sunday

By this point, I would usually have been up for around an hour and now start work on my blog. Tony will still be in bed as he loves a well-deserved long lay-in on Sundays, I prefer to crack on with blog work. Whether I'm writing new content, publishing that morning's new post or choosing photos to use for a new idea, I'll spend the morning sprucing up my blog. I enjoy taking this quiet time to concentrate. I always find I'm most productive early in the day so make the most of it, before the day actually starts.

After catching up with emails and ploughing through life admin, it's time to have a quick shower. My beauty routine in the morning is quick and simple, I tend to indulge more in self-care come evening. 

A Typical Norfolk Sunday, Norfolk Life.

By late morning we would both be dressed, have showered and had breakfast. I normally have toast or some fruit, Tony is partial to eating up any left over bacon or whatever he can find in the fridge.

We often head to the Norfolk Coast, Holkham Beach is a particular favourite. The nature reserve and winding walk through the pine woods (until you hit the beach) is absolutely beautiful and a firm favourite, I feel very lucky that we can go whenever we want and it's right on the doorstep.

If we have no beach plans that day or fancy going for a longer walk, we will head off into Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire and find a 5-6 mile circular pub walk which we can do. The car will be filled up with welly boots, coats, bottles of water, bananas and any other snack we fancy. Just something small to keep us going until we flop in the comfort of a country pub and refuel on roast potatoes and a pint. 

A Typical Norfolk Sunday, Norfolk Life

After an afternoon in the fresh Norfolk (Cambs or Suffolk) air we would head home for a chilled out evening. 

Come the summer months, we are partial to a BBQ whatever the weather! Tony is quite happy cooking sausages or burgers and corn on the cob in a gale or blizzard! If we're still hungry after our trip out, we may fire up the barbie. If we've still got full tummies from the pub, I'll spend the evening just drinking tea, cat cuddling and watching the latest series on Netflix.

Sunday will also welcome fresh towels and bedding for the start of a new week. I will have a serious pamper session; foot filing, face masking, leg shaving, exfoliating and a full body moisturising. 

The end of the day will bring yet another cup of tea and a few chapters of my book whilst I doze off surrounded by fluffy pillows and freshly laundered sheets.