The Review: Lush Prince of Darkness Face Mask.

Singing out of tune and might I add very badly, 'I'm going back to my roots'! No guys, not the hair variety. Skincare. And I believe the very first review on my shiny new blog! 

There was a time I had a stack of face masks to get through. There was something for every kind of skin day; nourishing, hydrating, soothing, exfoliating, re-surfacing, relaxing, detoxifying. You name it, it was in my Ikea basket.

Now-a-days my mask collection is more streamlined. If you still have a place in my skincare routine then you are seriously good my friend and give me the results I need and want. 

I'm no Caroline Hirons. However because I have tried so many different masks and brands I feel like I'm partly qualified to offer advice on what works and doesn't, in layman's terms.

For reference my skin is dry, clear and prone to sensitivity. If I drink copious amounts of H2O, use minimal make-up and the right products it stays happy and in-turn behaves pretty well!

You're not here for the ramble. Let's get down to the (literal) nitty gritty.

The Review: Lush Prince of Darkness Face Mask.

You probably know if you're reading this that Lush's Face Masks are fresh. If you're new to Lush let me point you in the right direction. Once opened any of their fresh face masks should be kept in the fridge and used within 28 days.

I found this fact out after indeed using the whole of this product up. It still lasted extremely well, being stored in a dark cupboard and used regularly (a generous helping) lasted around 3 months. 


Sea salt, lavender oil, fuller's earth, kaolin and glycerine.


Lush's Prince Of Darkness face mask is a rich, heavy textured charcoal mask. Packed with finely milled sea salt. 

The Review: Lush Prince of Darkness Face Mask.
The Review: Lush Prince of Darkness Face Mask.


Prince of Darkness is targeted towards oilier skin types to mattify the skin. However I really back this mask also for drier skin types. The gritty texture of the sea salt buffed my skin to perfection leaving my skin feeling super soft and smooth, like new! 

I found Prince of Darkness to be a multi-use product; the actual mask worked wonders at detoxifying skin to leave my complexion squeaky clean and refreshed. The sea-salt was so fine and perfect to massage into the skin and then removed with a warm face cloth, after leaving the mask on for the recommended 10 minutes. The mask works a treat to buff away dead skin cells and any other nasties.  

If I didn't follow with an oil, serum, moisturiser or a combination, my skin felt thirsty. Using a rich, nourishing product left my skin feeling smooth, revitalised, soft and clean. 


Even though this mask would not feature on a typical 'must try masks for dry skin' list, it's a great one to keep in your arsenal (and indeed your fridge). Using the right products and aftercare, Lush's face mask is one of the best I have ever tried to polish and resurface my complexion. 

A really, really great product for under a tenner (75g). 

Time for a restock I think! Next to try on my list are Cup o' Coffee Face and Body Mask and Oatifix - bank card where are you??

What mask trumps all from Lush? Do you have any on your current wish list? Have you tried Prince of Darkness - what do you think?