7 Tips To Keep Calm When Flying, Halkidiki

With lock-down continuing (as I write this) and life feeling as though it will never quite be the same again, the travel bug inside me is stirring. The urge to travel, explore new places, eat tamales and churros, document trips and get my passport stamped is clear. 

Of course, I can't go everywhere in one go. My bank balance, my time and Tony certainly wouldn't allow it. He would rather be at home tending to his veg trug in the garden, cutting the lawn and enjoying a beer. 

Brigita and I are keen to book a city break when the time eventually arrives, California will need re-booking (this is an ongoing battle) and then there's Marrakesh, Venice, Capetown, Lisbon, Florence, the list goes on!

Will all this travel talk in mind, we need to prepare. For this I have you covered. If you're anything like me and dread the flight then keep reading. 

Today I share my top tips to help you chill out on that flight, wherever your destination may be.

01. Prep
If you're staying at the airport overnight or heading down on the day you fly, leave plenty of time. 

Check you have all the documents you need before setting off, your passport is packed and not left in the kitchen under a stack of paperwork. The car is full of fuel, you have the postcode for your sat nav and a snack and bottle of water for the journey. 

Have a playlist for your car, even if it's your favourite CD from the 90's. Chilled out or happy music to put your head in a good head-space!

If you're flying the next day after an overnight stay, make sure that your clean, plane outfit is at the top of your suitcase along with any other items you may need. Take them out and your suitcase can still stay tidy and ordered until you arrive at your final stop.

02. Book an aisle seat
Before checking in book yourself an aisle seat even if you have to pay a little extra. You will feel less enclosed, there is more room to stretch out and take a walk to the toilet whenever you wish without disturbing others. Hopefully this will make you feel less claustrophobic and in turn calmer.

03.Observe a character in the cabin
On any flight there a number of colourful characters, be it one of the glamorous slightly over-made cabin crew (I wish she would blend in down her jawline - she so needs to get her foundation matched), the guy in the colourful palm-print shirt from the 80's or the business woman in her perfectly cut suit.

It's interesting to observe. It will certainly take your mind off things even if you are trying to figure out if that girl boss is wearing Gucci or high street.

04. Pack all the entertainment
Be sure to take the items you need to keep your brain occupied. 

If you're taking a brand new book, pack a magazine and/or your current read. Nothing worse than relying on a new book for you to not enjoy it. Pack what you know you already love; a pack of playing cards, downloaded podcasts or films you have been wanting to watch for ages. 

05. Skincare in the sky
If you're a skincare junkie like me, flying is the perfect time to invest in a little extra TLC, especially as we know that the life will be sucked out of your skin when on board. 

Pack a hydrating sheet mask, pick up a bottle of water when you've cleared customs and treat your skin. 

My routine would go as follows:

01. Use hand sanitiser first.
02. Cleanse (travel size micellar water).
03. Hydrating face spritz.
04. Sheet mask for relaxation or hydration. 
05. Hydrating eye cream.
06. Heavy duty moisturiser.
07. Lipbalm.
08. Moisturising hand cream.

Drink water and spray your face mist as and when needed. Whenever I feel stressed, hot or bothered a quick spritz helps me to feel more relaxed and refreshed.

06. Treat Yo'Self
Browse the in-flight duty free magazine. It kills time and you can buy in the sky! That perfume which has eluded your collection or boujee cleanser which is on offer with 20% off, now is the time. Take advantage to treat yourself to items you have been lusting after at a reduced price.

7 Tips To Keep Calm When Flying, Halkidiki
7 Tips To Keep Calm When Flying, Halkidiki

07. San Francisco (insert alternative destination right here)
If you have a wobble during the flight, keep telling yourself where you are going, how long you have wanted to go for. Flying is safer than driving and it will be worth it on arrival.. 

You're going through this to get to where you want to go. Nothing's going to happen.

Think of the end result. Snapping photos of the Golden Gate Bridge and noshing on San Fran's finest clam chowder (or not)!

7 Tips To Keep Calm When Flying, Halkidiki

Are you flicking through holiday brochures, newspaper supplements and scouring the internet? Dreaming of the day you will be able to book a holiday and have an all day breakfast at the airport prior to take-off?

Do you dread flying and have your very own tips, please do share below!

Do leave a comment below of where you are intending to travel to. I cannot wait to see where you are all wishing to go!

Happy travels! Eventually.
Photos unedited and taken on an iPhone 7 (September 2019)