5 Things I Have Learnt From 2020 So Far

I remember it now, very clearly. 

Shortly after Christmas last year and before the clock struck midnight to welcome in 2020, you should have heard me. 

2020, it's going to be a great year.
Not only a great year, but THE year.
I can feel it, I can just feel it!
I'm off to California. Plans for a new car.
A new decade, a new start.
I just have a feeling. 
2020, it's going to be the one.
2020, things are going to be amazing, they will change.

2020, wow how things have changed. Our world will never be the same again.  I feel that the events which have happened this year are the planets way of warning us we need to change our ways. I'm quite sure attitudes have changed/are changing, my outlook on life has certainly had a mini overhaul.

Through all the devastating events so far this year, it seems the earth is teaching us. To look after our space, our families and each other better. To be kinder in every sense of the word. To not inflict pain or suffering unnecessarily and to be more tolerant.

Here's what 2020 has taught me so far:

01. Take time

Since lock-down started in March, I had time at home to re-discover hobbies I already knew I was a fan of all because I suddenly had a chunk of time. I had a pile of books I wanted to get through, secretly I was aiming for over 10 (although I was back at work before I anticipated). 

It was however a refreshing change to finish a few books, you can catch up with what I read here. It made me realise I need to make time for reading, even if it's a couple of chapters in the morning lounging on the sofa or at the end of the day before sleep.

As well as reading I've been zooming around the local villages on my bike. I found this was a great way to pass the time. Cycling along-side Tony, getting back to nature, exploring places and cycle paths we had never even noticed before. It was time to leave the VW at home and burn some rubber of the 2 wheel variety. Fresh air, bird song and snapping photos of picturesque front doors, I couldn't have been happier.

02. I need to educate myself 

The #BLM hashtag has been rife over social media and with very good reason. I am quite sure I don't need to tell you what happened to George Floyd in America. 

So many Instagram accounts are already doing an excellent job providing an extensive range of resources, reading material, positive words and education through this very difficult time.

The whole situation makes my blood boil. How humans can treat each other like this (regardless of skin colour). It's shameful and ignorant, almost backward. Surely we should be moving forward all together, it's 2020 after all. We shouldn't be so narrow minded. It's disgusting, unjust and I really hope things change. I'm quite sure it will take a long time, but I for one want to educate myself better and to learn. To really understand what people have been through, where we should be going and how we can make things change. 

It may be less prevalent over the Instagram squares in weeks and months to come, this however does not mean it has been forgotten or is any less important. 

5 Things I Have Learnt From 2020 So Far.

03. Cancelled trips/events/social activities can and will wait

We were meant to be in California at the end of March for the trip of a life-time, cruising up the Pacific Coast. Due to lock-down the flight and hotels were cancelled by our travel provider 2 days before we were due to fly. 

Initially I was bitterly disappointed, however it turns out to have been a Godsend. San Francisco, Yosemite and LA will be there for another day. If we had made it to the States, we would have ended up ordering room service, watching films and trashy American TV in our hotel rooms as we made it up the coast. With everything shut down, it certainly wouldn't have been the trip we had dreamed of.

I would have been worrying for the duration of the trip about how we would make it home and if we would have been in quarantine before we even set foot on English soil.

We are still trying to sort a refund through our travel agent, which is proving more difficult than you could imagine and our travel insurance does not cover Corona Virus. 

With the global crisis going on, all I wanted to be was at home in Norfolk, when the time comes to rebook, California will still be there.

For the tennis fans, Wimbledon is off. Summer won't feel the same, watching endless matches from the comfort of our cottage, munching on strawberries, pimms and tea, happy we don't have to make the long trip home from SW19.

Dad and Joe's annual trip to Le Mans is cancelled. Burghley Horse Trials is off (the first time I won't have been in quite possibly my whole life). Lewis Hamilton should be leading the F1 championship by now, he may just have to wait until next year. 

Everything will be back bigger and better than ever before. Think of it as events aren't cancelled just temporarily on hold

04. As long as my family are safe and well

I don't need to tell you that Corona Virus has hit the world hard, up until a few months ago we hadn't even heard of it.  

Leather bags, boujee blankets and luxury perfume meaning nothing. As long as my family are well and healthy, that really is all that matters. I love nice things and for my home to be a sanctuary but my family are everything. Like many families, once we can all be reunited, share food, drink and hug-a-plenty, this will be real cause for celebration. 

I'm quite sure even Tom my be getting fed up with all the extra cuddles he gets these days. Actually I think he loves it! We do nickname him Cuddle Cat after all.

05. Make conscious decisions

This doesn't just apply to the fruit I pick at the supermarket and which has less or nil packaging, I'm talking about daily life. Trying to be a better person and lead a productive, happy and fulfilling life. As well as taking more time to make better choices, I want to support smaller shops and brands, try shampoo bars (instead of having to recycle all that nasty plastic), simplify my skincare routine and instead of binge watching Ru Paul's Drag Race (oh ok, I'll still be doing that - one step at a time hey?), swot up on current issues, watch informative content and read up on matters which are important.  And do something about it!

2020 certainly does seem to be a year we will remember and one for the history books, long after we have all gone. What have you learnt so far this year? Let me know if you have discovered a new hobby or re-kindled your love for an old one. 

Are there any changes to life you will be making and has your outlook on life changed?