4 Mini Book Reviews: What I Read During Lockdown

A Definition of Georgie The Reader: Loves books. Hoards books. Never reads books. Buys and collects books. Loves the smell of a new book. 

Thinks she will get round to reading all those books one day. 

Has a colour coded book shelf. 

Safe to say I have wanted to read more for ages. I love reading and always make the excuse I simply do not enough time. If I'm not cleaning, kitten sitting and cuddling, organising or running, I'm blogging, watching Netflix and catching up with The Great British Sewing Bee on the BBC.

Lock-down gave me time to read. 

Not quite as much as I would have liked (as I am now back at work), however it got me started again and I discovered I really, really do enjoy reading.

I've got a tonne of different books to work my way through and now feel like I'm going to get myself into a routine and read, only if it's just one chapter every night before sleep. Hell, I may even invest in a new bookmark! Running and reading, who is this? 

I am starting at this time in life to discover the REAL me and if you ask me she's pretty darn great.

At the back end of last year I set myself a challenge of reading 20 books in 2020. If you haven't read that post yet, I suggest you catch up with that one and then resume here. Promise me you'll return, I'll still be here! Don't let me down now!! 

Anyways here are the 4 books I managed to complete in April. They have already all been re-homed (to Mum and the next-door neighbour in exchange for a bottle of sunscreen). The very first book has shot straight to the top of my chart and has become one of my most favourite books ever.

01 David Sedaris - Calypso
Of course, this is still fairly fresh in my mind, however David's short warts-and-all essays got me hooked. I laughed out loud to myself and kept interrupting Tony with what he was doing (generally gardening - such serious stuff) to read excerpts of the book. I just loved it and am keen to pick up more from Sedaris. Easy to read, with real affection towards his family especially his father. My most favourite chapter was Stepping Out, I have urged Mum to read Calypso first from the pile of reading material I have supplied. It's just brilliant, a real fave! The only book I have requested back, I cannot wait to read this again.

4 Mini Book Reviews: What I Read During Lockdown

02 My Friend Anna - Rachel DeLoache Williams
I first mentioned this book when I posted my 2020 Reading Challenge. Anna, the hustler and fake heiress who caused mayhem from when she arrived in New York until her arrest. Dreaming of the most luxurious lifestyle comes easy to most of us, Anna Sorokin went a step further and lived it out. Heard the term 'living a champagne lifestyle on lemonade wages', then Anna's your prime candidate. 5 star hotels, parties and villas, she convinced her associates and friends she was rich and then it all came crashing down. Anna's debt amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You cannot quite believe she got away with it for so long. I read this book in about 4 days, a really easy read. If you like the film Catch Me if You Can, you will love this.

03 The Women at Hitler's Table - Rosella Postorino
Rosella's novel is the powerful and gripping true story of Hitler's 10 food tasters. So loathed, his food was tasted before it was served to him. This book kept my attention until two thirds of the way through when I felt a little bogged down, still it did keep me reading until the end. With unexpected happenings, this is a tale of real bravery and survival. Until you read it you cannot quite believe what happened. If you're looking for a serious, true life read and are interested in war times, this is certainly worth checking out. 

4 Mini Book Reviews: What I Read During Lockdown

04 Three Women - Lisa Taddeo
The sole reason I bought this book was because of the beautiful cover (you can see this here). Lisa Taddeo follows three American women; Maggie, Lina and Sloane over an 8 year period and documents their relationships and sex lives. Not a 50 shades bonk-fest, Three Women is powerful and connects to each woman both emotionally and physically, I feel like there are elements of all of us in each woman. 

This was not the easiest book I have ever read (some readers say they flew through this), however I did persevere to finish it and I am glad I made it to the end, as this is unlike any other book I have read.

Three Women makes you think and believe you could be living alongside these women as they carry out the most mundane of daily tasks. They all fear rejection, judgement and being misunderstood. Certainly recommended and one to stick with. The cover alone looks wonderful on your coffee table or nightstand.

So now I have officially read 5/20, it's time to select the next victim (I mean c'mon how many times can I spill tea on the pages - it seems they go hand in hand - I certainly could not be trusted with a Kindle).  I had started Dolly Alderton's Everything I Know About Love and couldn't get into it. Keep an eye on Instagram where I will update you with my next read!

Any books I need to add to my book shelf? Have you read any of the books featured in this post, what did you think?

See you next week!