I first considered hiring someone to help me with photos when I was blogging at Bean's Beauty Blog, just to take some cracking profile shots instead of balancing a camera on a timer on a tin of beans or trying to get a great selfie. I really wanted some pro shots. 

At the time I really wasn't sure in which direction my blog was heading, both content wise and also myself. Along with this, I had a bit of a style crisis. 

The photos I had done were great, however on reflection and 18 months later they were not the REAL me. The pictures were too styled. I was wearing items of clothing which I now cringe at. I bought a Polaroid slogan tee for the shoot, which was an array of bright colours, when white tees, stripes and jeans are my basics. There was even a feature of double denim and a wrap dress which showed off patchy tanned legs. I hardly ever tan!

I'm a country girl at heart and the pictures were taken in a city. Give me a bobble hat, lip balm and chunky scarf sitting on a damp log in the woods or messing around on a Norfolk beach and this is the place I'm at home at.

All this talk got me thinking, what would I now consider when hiring a photographer? The lovely Lucy Dack has helped get me started with this blog and I am hoping if this venture is a success then we will work together again in the future. Without further ado here are my top tips when hiring.
What To Consider When Hiring a Photographer   What To Consider When Hiring a Photographer

1. Meet Initially To Discuss Your Vision

The first photographer I used we met in Cambridge. We had a ten minute coffee in Costa and from the start I feel we didn't really share the same ideas and that we didn't really connect as people. The photos were great, however this was a big deal to me as this was the first time I seeked pro shots and for some reason I couldn't relax. She was way too cool and edgy for me, and the pictures produced didn't really reflect the real Georgie. It's worth meeting your photographer in person first (or at least by Face Time) to see if you are compatible to ensure you capture the images you want.

2. Feel Comfortable With Your Photographer

When I met with Lucy we clicked straight away and she just got me. As well as photos and styling ideas, we chatted all things social media, Pinterest ideas and IG Stories (ongoing - and I will be coming to you via vid very soon). We share the same vibe. If I dumped a tonne of products with her to style and take photos of, she'd do a cracking job.  If you are happy with the person on the other side of the camera, you will end up taking photos which reflect the real you.

3. Ask For Revisions

If you receive a batch of photos through to choose from, if there are any you love but there is a clothes label in the way ask for them to be edited out. A proficient and confident photographer will be happy to do this for you.

4. Find A Suitable Setting

If you're a city girl, then city streets, landmarks and upmarket restaurants may be on your radar. For someone like me (country bumpkin who loves visiting the city), then I'm best suited to a natural kind of setting or local coffee shop/bistro. Chilled.

5. Agree The Cost Up Front

Either agree the cost for a set of photos or per photo. Check that this includes any editing. Does the cost include travel, fuel or any expenses? Make sure you know what you will be paying from the start and that there are no hidden costs. Once paid ask for an invoice to file away with all your paperwork; especially if the photos are for blogging reasons. Keep track on what you are spending and if it's worth the cost to your blog.

6. Find Someone Local

It is easier to find someone who works locally to you. An experienced photographer should be able to share a range of places to shoot, plus you will also be able to share your input.  If you're thinking along the same lines then you may even reach common ground. Hopefully if you find someone who doesn't live far from you, then it will be easier to schedule into both diaries. Plus you'll be saving money on paying travel expenses.

7. Be You

Relax and enjoy it. If the setting's right and you find the right person to capture your images, then you'll end up with a batch of photos you can be proud of and to use as content on your blog.

8. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For What You Want

If you do require product shots as well as profile shots, then ask. If your chosen photographer is not quite getting your vision then tell them and show them what you do like. Before I met with Lucy I shared ideas from other websites and the types of photos I would like for this site. I am hoping now when I take some of my own shots, they will flow with the aesthetic and the end result will be cohesive and seamless.

Ask for a range of lifestyle shots, which could be used for more than one subject matter. This leaves you open to writing a tonne more content and to stop that dreaded blogger's block.

What To Consider When Hiring a Photographer

What To Consider When Hiring a Photographer   What To Consider When Hiring a Photographer

Have you hired a photographer to help provide inspiration or shots for your blog? Or is this something you are looking into? Have you worked with someone who you haven't really clicked with or someone who really got the vibe you were going for? Has this post helped? Please do leave a comment below, I would love to get your input on this subject.

Back next week, see you next Sunday!

Camera Used: Iphone 11 Pro (unedited photos)