Well Happy New Year to you all!  Hello 2020!

Who else can believe it's another brand new year, let alone a new decade?! Of course, I'm sure most of you have already heard the following mantra somewhere, 'New Year, New Me'! Sorry I'm not here at 9am this morning, I got a little distracted from The Voice last night and a pile of washing! 

This year I am going to work on a improved version of myself, so I cannot fail and beat myself up about it months down the line. I'm not going to have saved £3000 within 6 months, nor am I going to slim down to a svelte size 12 by September. I read somewhere (rather wise) to set small goals and then when you've achieved them to set more. That's the plan this year. 2020 I am glad you are here and have a really good feeling about you!

Armed with a new notebook(s) and shiny diary I cannot wait to start on my action plan. As always (like most), I have over-indulged at Christmas and by the start of 2021 I want to feel in a happier place with less clutter/possessions and with an indication on where my next journey in life will take me. 

Here's what I am working on this year:

Looking Forward to 2020

1. Trim Up
I'm currently a size 18/20 and struggle with my weight. I like all food. Not just the healthy or sugary food groups, I love chomping on broccoli as I much as I do on donuts and Cadbury's. Today is the day for the weekly food shop after Christmas. It's time to change habits and fill the trolley with alternatives and to try new things. We don't seem to have any Christmas goodies hanging around the kitchen anymore, so now is the time to stock up and eat balanced and healthily. I cannot say I will cut chocolate out of my diet altogether, instead I'm hoping to eat Dairy Milk now and then as opposed to daily. 

I had a health scare at the end of the Summer and it was due to inflammation in the body (the doctors think this was caused by a virus). I had blurred vision for weeks and couldn't see properly. It was scary, horrendous and thought-provoking. I literally thought my eyes were never going to recover. 

Things have improved and I'm lucky the hospital looked after me so well. It gave me the wake-up call I needed to look after myself as much as possible. Not just applying luxury, lovely skincare to my face and body, but to really nourish and look after the inside too. As my journey continues I will let you know how it goes. Wellness, here we come!

2. Devise a REAL Savings Plan
I often have good intentions when it comes to money. Realistically I just need to spend less. I have a small balance on my credit card which I am going to work at paying off first and then I am going to reduce the credit limit so I have a card in case of emergencies. 

I don't feel the need to freeze my card in a block of ice a la Isla Fisher in Confessions Of A Shopaholic, however I want to reduce my spending and to have built up my savings by the end of the year. In the meantime I plan to research this properly and hunt out podcasts for inspiration and nifty ideas.

3. Shop Less.
There are a few things I would like to add to my wardrobe and odds and sods I would like for the home. Keep an eye on Pinterest as I am compiling a wish list for future purchases. Gone are the days where I would head to town and see what bargains I can pick up in Primark, enjoy a calorie filled Starbucks and come home £60 lighter. Not so much into fast fashion now, I would rather buy pieces which will last longer and reflect me. I'm a real Joules/White Stuff/Fat Face kind of girl. Jeans, cosy knits, stripes, scarfs and bobble hats all the way.

4. Read More.
If you caught up with my last post, you will know I have set myself a challenge to read 20 books in 2020. I would love to exceed this, however I have to start somewhere. All books I read will feature on my IG Stories. I am currently reading Ruth Jones' Never Greener. 92 pages in and it feels like a chick lit book with an edge. I will give my full review once I have finished up! You literally cannot beat a comfy bed, clean sheets, your favourite mug of tea and a real page turner. I plan to expand my vocabulary and read a range of fiction and non-fiction this year.

Looking Forward to 2020

5. Spend More Time With Family.
Mum and Dad, my brother and his wife all live on the same street on the farm. They only live around 30 minutes away but when we all seem to lead such busy lives, time just seems to fly. I see Mum and Dad at least twice a month but am hoping to see them more this year. Even if it's dropping in for an impromptu cuppa and a dog walk. Springer Spaniels are life!

6. Not To Worry About Insignificant Things.
Getting stuck behind a Sunday driver when you're rushing to work on a Thursday. Spilling tomato sauce on your freshly laundered best white top. You get the drift. Small things which are neither here nor there and are not important in the slightest. Why get worked up by something so insignificant or which can be easily sorted?!

7. Treat My Blog As A Hobby
It's not a business venture. I love writing, am interested in photography and want to document life. When I wrote at Bean's Beauty Blog (a name which haunts me - quite frankly), I put far too much pressure on myself! I plan to be productive and stick to my schedule, however it's for me (and you) and it's fun!  

I used to think if I set resolutions on the first day of January and if I'd eaten chocolate on day 2 then I had broken my resolution, gave up almost immediately and felt like a right failure. Now I see a New Year more as a work-in-progress. 2020 really does feel to me, as though this will be the year to turn things around and eliminate toxic people and things from life.

I cannot wait to get started!

When (let's be positive George - not if) I start to see progress/changes I will let you in on any tips I which I have found work for me.

Have you set yourself any challenges this year? Are you a stickler for resolutions or are they something you strive for all year?