It seems only a moment ago we were counting down with Ben Big to the New Year and decade. It was nearly two weeks ago and already I feel like I am off to a slow start. I have a shiny new diary and for the past however many days have vowed to make a written plan and update all of those unmissable and important dates. The pages still stare back at me blankly and although I have a desire to achieve things this year, my heart seems keen but my head is yet to catch up.

This blog post isn't a woeful story, instead I am here to inject some positivity into both yours and the start of my own New Year and tell my head 'c'mon there, let's get back on track' and that 'you CAN do this'.

6 Ways To Beat The January Blues.

I am looking forward to what the new decade brings and the journey it takes me on. However when you too have the January blues here are my top tips to really drag you out of that funk.

1. Reset Your Mindset

I am the first person to admit that sometimes I feel sorry for myself and I really do not understand where these feelings come from. I do now and then get down in the dumps and often have to have a word with myself to snap myself out of it. I literally talk to myself and look completely bonkers along with it. Perusing the isles of the supermarket (among other places) selecting my fresh lemons, I'm having a chat with the inner me. It goes something like this:

'What you being so silly for. Pick those lemons. C'mon put them in the trolley. The sooner you finish this shop, the sooner you can go home. And then when you get home you can make that lovely cold glass of water with refreshing, juicy lemon slices and read your book and cuddle the cat and look forward to the pasta you are craving tonight. For goodness sake, cheer up, you're lucky'.

You get the drift, give yourself a pep talk and in turn:

2. Become Your Best Friend

As the very wise Ru Paul quotes, 'if you can't love yourself, how in the hell can you love somebody else'. At the end of the day you can only count on yourself completely. It's inevitable not all partners, family and friends are going to be around for your entire journey. However this is a time to believe in yourself, your gut feeling and tell yourself I am bloody awesome and I can do this. Instead of the negative version of yourself, make a list of all of the positive sides to your character and when ever a hint of self doubt creeps in focus on one of the positives. 

Open up the notes section on your phone and compile a list of all your great, amazing traits. C'mon I urge you, do it now. Right now! When you're feeling a bit of a negative Nancy, open your notes and tell yourself I am an amazing human being! Anyone would be lucky to have you as a pal. Yourself included.

3. Make A Pros & Cons List

Feeling like you need to make changes this year but do not know where to start. Make a list of all the positive aspects of your life and and the things you're not so keen on. Relationships/life issues you wish to change. I am quite sure the positive list will far outweigh the negative. Take one of the items you wish to focus on and hit the ground running. Small chunks at a time and once you feel like you can tick one off the issues off your list, take another small piece of the pie to work on. As you achieve these bite-sized pieces and small goals you will feel amazing and inspired to work on more. Don't beat yourself up if you have to try more than once, you will get there!

6 Ways To Beat The January Blues.

4. Buy Yourself A Glossy Magazine 

If healthy living is your bag, treat yourself to the newest paper edition of Women's Health (or something similar). Packed with motivational pieces, recipe ideas, beauty and wellness. It's certain to give you a boost. Devour each page and enjoy with your favourite cuppa. Sounding like an old Granny, I am rather enjoying a cup of malty, milky Ovaltine at the moment (I just need blanket over my knees). Feel motivated by the articles and then pass your copy onto a loved one. 

Planning on a detox of your wardrobe this January and being more mindful when it comes to investing in clothing and accessories, then pick up a copy of Vogue/Net A Porter. Expensive and luxurious items which your normal Joanna can't afford, however tonnes of inspiration and ideas on mixing tones, fabrics, textures and colours within your wardrobe. 

You may already have something in your wardrobe similar which you could pair with a much needed new pair of jeans. In your accessories box you may already have a scarf which looks like it could be from this season. Dust off items, wear everything (just not all together) and embrace what you already have. Inspo, inspo, inspo!

5. Organise!

Tony and I sorted out a tonne of paperwork yesterday on a dismal Saturday afternoon. Emptying my personal folder of banking, wage slips and travel documents, I had 2 pieces of paper to shred (not a hoarder). Tony, on the other hand had documents from 2006! We had a real paper cleanse. It felt sooo good! 

Having less possessions, using stuff up and having a clean and tidy house really works. I know the old saying is well, predictable, but tidy house, tidy mind. Well, it just works! 

This year expect more musings about a tonne of empties and not that many hauls. I have a stash of new skincare to use up, however I am much more into using what I already have and only buying new products when I actually need them.

6 Ways To Beat The January Blues.

6. Do Your Bit

The current crisis in Australia is heart-breaking. The loss of animals, homes and life; I just can't comprehend. From the other side of the world, it feels like we're pretty helpless, however we can do something. Next time you think of going for coffee and spending a tenner, why not have coffee at home and donate a tenner to one of the endless charities which really need your help? 

As I write, I have donated to the Koala Crisis. I hope it goes to helping somehow. My niece who is a nurse in Oz, also adopted a koala for us for Christmas, Leo Lion. Australia my heart is with you.

Plastics. Enough said. Tony and I recycle, recycle, recycle and take great pleasure in filling up the recycling bags each week. But just where does the plastic end up. I am trying this year to make more conscious decisions when buying products. Shampoo and Conditioner bottles are hefty and the thought of these not being recycled, saddens me to think they could end up in the ocean. Lush do a range of shampoo bars, so this is the next thing to try on my list. Washing make-up brushes?  Instead of baby shampoo, a bar of soap will do, nothing to recycle!

Writing this post, was cathartic and for my own sanity. I'm certainly no life-coach but am pleased I now have a direction in which to follow this year and beat these blues. I have even surprised myself with the advice I have been able to give. Which has already left me feeling in a good state of mind to start this Sunday morning!

Of course, we are all inundated with self-care at the beginning of a New Year and know the drill; take a bath (daily), have a massage (guilty), cut our chocolate (working on it), up your veg intake (trying valiantly), move more (inevitable - partial to a dog walk), up you water consumption (out of a re-usable planet friendly bottle - tick) - the list goes on. 

I hope my take on it, helps somewhat.  If you did find any aspect of my musings helpful in anyway at all, then please do share, let me know or leave a comment below. I would be so very grateful! I hope you are not suffering with the blues and if so I hope you can take one piece from this post and it will plant a massive smile on your face!

2020, we're here for you and we can do this! Until next Sunday, where I will be sharing my tips for hiring a photographer, stay tuned...