My trip to California 2020

As a wannabe globe trotter, my desire to see new places grows. I'm happy in a pair of jeans and t-shirt and at one point in time loved designer brands and logos. I still love a few luxury pieces in life, whether it's a cashmere pair of socks, boujee bath oil or a tan leather bag.  

Although now-a-days I'd rather spend money on plane tickets and fancy food. So 2020 was the year I decided we'd head off to see new places. 

For Tony's birthday in January I had booked a surprise trip to Venice through Thomas Cook. When TC collapsed, I felt a hint of sadness as once upon a time I'd worked at their Head Office in Peterborough.  Booking trips around the world for excited travellers and being inspired by the newest hotels in the nicest of places. The defunct brand meant that I was one of the thousands of people who has had to claim money back.  

Luckily I'd only spent around £400 on a 3 night stay to Italy and not thousands on a cruise around the Caribbean. As I write this, I have been fortunate enough to have been refunded for both the flights and hotel, meaning the funds can now go towards something else, like California! 

Venice we will come and see you another time, maybe even in California! At least we can head to Venice Beach or to the canals!

I have wanted to explore parts of California for as long as I can remember, San Francisco being top of my list. I cannot wait to visit Alcatraz and take a tram with a view over the iconic bay.  

What better way to get a snapshot of Cali, than to pick up a car from LAX and drive along the Pacific Coast Highway all the way up to San Francisco. Our road trip is all booked and paid for. And I am a little excited!

My trip to California 2020, California 2020

Our Itinerary: March 2020
Pick up car from LAX and onto:

The Garland Hotel, North Hollywood (for 3 nights)
Inn By The Harbor, Santa Barbara (1)
Sea Crest Oceanfront Hotel, Pismo Beach (1)
Hilton Garden Inn, Monterrey (2)
Pines Resort At Bass Lake, Yosemite (1)

Drop car off at San Francisco and then spend our time at:
Holiday Inn, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco (4)

I booked our trip through TUI. I highly recommend heading to store if you are looking into doing the same. They have on-hand specialists at the end of the phone to help you book your perfect trip. The route is planned out on Google Maps, so you can see the exact route you have planned. 

The advisors recommend how long you will need to spend in each spot depending on what you wish to do. Who knew LA was 400 miles away from San Fran. Everything on Google looks in close proximity to each other. We all know The States is massive, but just 1cm on the map can mean over an hours travelling. Plan carefully!

My trip to California 2020

I have butterflies in my tummy just thinking of this trip and am quite sure the night before we travel I will not sleep one bit. Much like an excited kid waiting for Christmas morning and a sack from Santa. 

As you may know Brigita and I went to Barcelona this March and absolutely loved it, you can read more about this here (just in case you missed it).  We are also planning a trip somewhere next year,  Lisbon seems to be on the cards, so expect content from Lisbon and also a tonne of content from Cali!

Have you been to California? Do you have any recommendations of places to eat or something out of the ordinary which we must do/see? Please do drop a comment below I would love to hear from you!

Currently unsure of what post will be coming next Sunday, however be there or be square. 9am sharp!