Luxury Beauty Empties

Like many bloggers, I have a tonne of stuff to get through. Random teas I have been sent, brightly coloured lipsticks (not my vibe) and then there's the products I have bought, loved and cannot wait to tell you all about. I have been trying to get every last drop out of the products mentioned today. I am skincare mad and a Jo Malone junkie and am desperately trying to use things up before spending more. And yes, that includes the random tea. The lipsticks will just to have to be passed onto someone less country-fied and more girl-about-town.  

In no particular order, let's get cracking...

Sharp and citrusy, yet berry-like, this is the most perfect scent for Autumn and Winter. It's fresh yet fruity and a waft of this really transports me to a day in the country. 

Finding those prickly hedgerows and picking the juiciest, ripest blackberries you could find. Rolling out pre-made pastry and cooking the tangiest blackberry pie in the oven. That's much more likely to be my Mum doing this. Served with hot custard. I digress!

Buy Again? 
Abso-bloody-lutely. This is a close number 2, behind my all time favourite Jo Malone scent of Peony and Blush Suede, which I have just repurchased for the 107036 time! No longer a treat, Blush Suede is part of me (saddo)!

Being a beach/country/woods kind of girl, when this perfume was first released, I felt this had been made for me. Tony and I spend alot of days down the Norfolk coast in the Summer, so to have a fragrance made by my favourite, I knew I would love it. Now I'm pretty crap at describing scents, however this is fresh and woody.

Holkham Beach is one of my very favourite places (expect photos in the warmer months). Wood Sage and Sea Salt evokes memories of a windswept walk along the beach. Imagine the wind whipping across the sea, leaving hair with that gritty, salty texture. After a stroll along the beach, it would be time to head back to the car, through the pine woods for a picnic. Just so we didn't get sand in our tuna sandwiches.

Buy Again?

This was my 2nd bottle. I LOVE it! Sticking with cologne, it makes sense to discuss:

A mist of this all over the bod in the Summer is beautiful. Literally summer in a bottle. Although I'm not quite sure if the scent lasts that long. Occasionally I used this as a fancy room spray, a quick spritz is sure to mask any unwanted smells!

Soleil Blanc is a heady mix of sultry summer days with a dash of coconut. Uni-sex, the packaging is as you would expect stylish and luxe. This is the kind of fragrance you'd spray all over after emerging from your White Company sheets, having a steamy hot shower and then layering under your boyfriend's crisp white long shirt.

Buy Again?

No. Soleil Blanc is beautiful, but just a body spray. And so expensive!

Luxury Beauty Empties

Herbivore After Sun

A skin soothing aloe, lavender and witch-hazel mist. After Sun accompanied me on a recent trip to Halkidiki. After long, balmy days in the warm sun, this was a welcome treat. Packed with aloe, it feels cool, almost cold to the touch. The fine mist makes this an easy product to use over the body and those hard to reach places before dressing for supper in the evening. This product is great as it did not leave sticky greasy hands and soaks into the skin quickly.  Already cold, without the need to store in the hotel room fridge alongside the tomatoes and wine from the local shop.

Buy Again?

For the next hot holiday, yes!

Dior's Joy

I love the packaging more than the scent. It's a little too sweet for me and more suitable for the teens into labels.

Buy Again?

Not for me.

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum (Apricot Glow)

I'm lucky to have pretty even, smooth textured skin, however I suffer mainly with redness and pink cheeks (this girl needs no blusher). On a good skin day By Terry's CC Serum is the only thing I have been using lately on my skin. This rose-scented lightweight product melts into the skin beautifully after moisturiser. It provides hydration (which my dry skin loves), colour correction and radiance. Somehow it gives a beautiful veil to the skin, whilst still allowing the skin to look and feel fresh.

Buy Again?
Yes, yes, yes! It's expensive, however the bottle lasts ages and it's the perfect skincare/base hybrid.

Luxury Beauty Emptoes

Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm
£15 for a lip balm? I hear you, really I do. There's something about this buttery balm though, it's really, really good.

Multi-purpose, this can also be used around the eye area, I only discovered this after I had devoured the whole tube so didn't use this way. Lippe Balm is non-greasy, un-scented and super hydrating, this is one product to keep in your car, handbag, bedside table and desk. It's great and the balm appears to last on the lips for ages!

Buy Again?
Of course, a really great lip balm.

Indie Lee Lotion COQ-10

As I age, I have invested more and more into high quality skincare with natural ingredients. I have always been more about the base and great skincare than coloured lids and lips. Yes, a slick of mascara does wonders, however if my base and skin look and feel great then I'm happy.

Indie Lee's Lotion is hydrating, all natural and leaves skin feeling hydrated and looking plump and healthy. £32 for the full size, however you can also trial this toner to see if this is one for you for £10 (which used daily and liberally, lasts a good 7-10 days - perfect for holiday also).

Buy Again?
I love face mists and sprays but yes I would buy again. This is a great toner to have in your arsenal.

A quick round up of the products which I have been saving up for a while. Are any of these skincare products or fragrances amongst your favourites? Is there anything I need to try or a product you have used, which isn't worth the money? Please do drop a comment below.

Next Sunday, I'm talking 2020 travel plans. I am excited to share this post with you and could burst with excitement literally as I type this! Because I am that (you guessed it) excited!!