2019 Skincare Favourites

Apologies to the weekly readers out there, I'm never late and here I am missing a week already! 

What with Christmas, drinking my weight in mulled wine, eating too many turkey roasts in the local pub and generally being merry, my page has been a little neglected. Life, Christmas just gets in the way sometimes! We're hoping to go on a pre-Christmas walk today and blow the cobwebs away, that and heading to Boots to pick up a body scrub. That's another subject in need of some desperate attention! Oh and a cinema trip tomorrow to see Cats! As a crazy cat myself, I cannot wait to watch the madness. I may even sneak my furry friend in with me, now I am kidding! Imagine if you could take your cat to the cinema day!

Anyway you're quite possibly here to catch up on my 2019 skincare favourites. Enough waffling, let's do this!

Skin-Type: Dry/sensitive.


For a budget, no nonsense micellar water I have been impressed by Garnier's Organic Cornflower (£5.99 for 400ml) version. Personally, I do not find this removes eye-makeup very easily (I favour lightweight makeup most days and often do not even use mascara), however to remove base make-up or foundation, this works a treat. The lightly floral scent is a welcome treat at the end of the day and a quick sweep across your face removes all products from the skin. This leaves skin feeling soft, hydrated and refreshed ready for a good night's sleep, with no residue. On a side note, for eye makeup, I find Garnier's Oil Infused Micellar Water works a treat, it gets rid of everything!

For a double cleanse and one of my favourite skincare products of the year, Kiehl's Centella Sensitive Facial Cleanser (£28 for 250ml) really hits the spot.  Perfect for a second cleanse, Kiehl's cleanser is  a no rinse formula. The almost cream like texture is refreshing on the skin. This product removes any last traces of dirt and makeup to leave skin feeling soft, hydrated and super squeaky clean. If you're looking for a new cleanser and you have sensitive skin, this is one product I truly back!


Over the past 12 months, I have tried a range of different toners, many leaving no impression. Late in the year I came across Fresh's Rose Deep Hydration Toner (£34 for 100ml). Gentle on the skin, this is a bottle of magic rose petals! The toner is refreshing on the skin to leave skin feeling soft, hydrated and glowing. I love using this product in my ever-changing skincare routine and it's perfect to remove any lasts traces of cleanser. The only gripe I have is when you reach the last of the product it is literally impossible to shake out of the bottle due to the rose petals getting in the way! That being said I have already had a re-stock and will continue to love this.

2019 Skincare Favourites

Face Mists

Face Mists seem to be one of the products I buy on a regular basis. I am always trying new ones and quite often fall in love with the latest to join my skincare cupboard. 2019 was the year I re-discovered an old favourite and found myself falling in love with two new mists; from Herbivore and Josh Rosebrook.

Omorovicza's Queen of Hungary's Mist (£50 for 100ml) featured within In The Frow's Jet Set Kit. It's refreshing, rose scented and hydrates and perks up the complexion perfectly. The limited edition bottle is lovely and the price extortionate. A real luxury, boujee product. Still a great face mist, however I have discovered two I prefer even more. 

Herbivore's Rose Hibiscus Mist (£28 for 120ml) is dreamy. The pretty packaging looks great on your bathroom shelf and the actual product inside is just as lovely. The all-natural beauty brand were a massive hit in 2019 and quite rightly so. The base is made up of coconut water, there are no nasty chemicals and the rose scent is subtle yet wonderful. It's refreshing on the skin, leaves skin feeling hydrated, smooth and soft and peps up a tired complexion. This is a real hit in my book and a staple in my collection.

Another staple product in my routine is Josh Rosebrook's Hydrating Accelerator (£35 for 120ml). Now on my 2nd bottle of this, the Rosebrook line is another all-natural, largely organic brand. If I am in a serious rush and my skin needs something effective to tone, hydrate and soothe, I douse myself in this. Infused with vitamin goodness, H.A. is a hydrator, toner and moisturiser all in one. Perfect for those crappy skincare days where you need something a little more hardworking, A true gem, which leaves ok skin feeling fabulous! My top pick of the bunch!

2019 Skincare Favourites

2019 Skincare Favourites

Masks & Spot Treatment

For Detox: Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay (£39.95 for 60g)     

When skin is congested and in need of a proper detox Sand and Sky's Pink Clay Purifying Face Mask is the one. So when I have over-indulged this Christmas with too many mince pies, Christmas pud and brandy butter, this is the pink pot I will be reaching for. The mask comes with its own brush, which is of course, uber sanitary. Slapping the mixture on your face feels cool and refreshing. Once the formula has dried and you resemble a pink, yet ghostly figure it's time to wash off.  If you try/have tried this mask you will know exactly what I mean. 

My skin feels very dry after using this, yet soft and clean. Nothing a heavy hitting moisturiser can't fix. Quite simply, this will clear all of the crap from your skin. Perfect for over-indulgence at Christmas.

For HydrationKiehl's Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask (£36 for 100ml)

Kiehl's have come up trumps once again. Not only is it trendy to still show off your avo on toast on Instagram, it's also trendy to slap it on your face. If you have read my very first posts, you will be aware that I now have a defunct beauty blog. I wish I could share the photos with you. Dodgy selfies, taken in low light and on an angle to capture the fresh avocado from the fridge slapped on my face. Why, oh why?  

For a much more convenient way Kiehl's have also shared their love of avocado and packed it into a hydrating mask. Granted, this is also very much like slapping guacamole on your face, hoping it doesn't slide off, but it works, it really works. The creamy formula is hydrating, soothing and leaves skin glowing and soft. 

For the days when you wish for a boost to your dry/dehydrated skin, this works wonders. And there's no knife or chopping board required, genius!

For Blemishes: Votary Blemish Rescue Oil (£35 for 15ml)

Expensive, yet so, so good. Votary's Oil is a real Godsend. Luckily I do not suffer from blemishes and it's a rare occurrence when one pops up. For the days when I want to zap that zit to oblivion I reach for this. Natural and packed with Tamanu and Salicylic, Votary's Oil is the best spot treatment out there! 

A few drops applied to the palm pushed into cleansed skin really clear up any affected areas. Acting extremely quickly, this oil heals the skin without causing anymore irritation. A powerful little pot, which lasts ages and is a real star to have in your skincare kit. I have tried many products to diminish pesky blighters and this is by far the best I have ever used. Worth every penny!

Special Mention: Lanolips Everywhere Multi Cream (£10.99 for 85ml)

Lanolips' EMC is a wonder product perfect for transforming the thirstiest of skin. Non-scented, colourless and hydrating, this can be used on eyelids, lips, dry elbows, knees, feet, ears, face. In fact everywhere! Even that dry patch on your bum!  Packed with nut oils and lanolin, I find this much more effective used on dry lips than their tailor made lip balms. It's wonderful and packs a really punch into saying goodbye to problem areas. Another great product to keep in your stash. I have even bought a tube to add to Tony's stocking come 24th December, as I hear it's great for psoriasis. 

So there you have it, my top skincare recommendations from 2019.  

Have you tried any of these products? Are there any I need to try in the New Year? And just what are you looking forward to trying in 2020?  Have a very Happy Christmas and I'll see you soon!