Top 5 Bases for Dry Skin

I'm a skincare and base aficionado! If I haven't tried and tested a new base or foundation product for dry skin then it's not worth knowing about. I pride myself on having great skin and a healthy base, so have to use less make-up. If you too, have dry skin and are looking for something new then keep on reading.

If you have tried any of these products and also love them please do drop a comment below. Alternatively if there is something I really do need to try, then please do let me know! I want to hear from you!

Things to bare in mind...

Skin Type: Dry

MAC Shade Match (for reference): NW20

On Fabulous Skin Days use:

By Terry CC Serum (Apricot Glow)
Charlotte Tilbury's Brightening Youth Glow.

For Mediocre Skin Days use:

MAC Face & Body (N2)
IT Cosmetics CC Cream (Light)

Not So Great 'cover all' Skin Days use:

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation (Santa Fe)

By Terry CC Serum

Let's start off with when your skin is behaving.  It feels good if a little dry, but the texture is smooth and complexion fairly clear, then By Terry's CC Serum (£61 for 30ml) is an absolute must try.

Combining wonderful skincare with a lightweight base this CC Serum feels heavenly on the skin. The rose-scented formula hydrates, evens out redness (for pink cheeked girls like me, this is a Godsend), blurs imperfections and leaves skin feeling and looking radiant. Wow, I sound like I'm an ambassador! It's amazing, super light and non-greasy on the skin and can also be used as a primer. 

For the days my skin already feels pretty great, this is all I use as a base. My skin, but just a teeny-weeny bit better. The product is completely non detectable. Now on my 3rd bottle, this is really, really fabulous stuff. Expensive but in my opinion, so worth it.

Charlotte Tilbury Brightening Youth Glow

For a similar look and feel to the skin, Charlotte Tilbury's Brightening Youth Glow (£39 for 40ml) is also a pretty safe bet. Cheaper than By Terry's offering and not quite as wonderful, this is still a great option to try.

In one universal shade, this would suit all skin tones. Packed with Vitamin B3 and green algae, this cream blends into the skin to blur and colour correct. A great product and certainly worth trying if you already have good skin. Ideal as a base alone or as a primer.

MAC Face & Body

MAC's Face and Body (£30 for 120ml) is a fairly new discovery to me. It was a typical Sunday night, my debit card twitching in my hand and my brain mulling over what I had on my wish-list. I had been toying over trying this for ages and decided to engage in a little chat with a MAC rep, after a few minutes and handy shade match, a bottle was winging it's way to me.

Face and Body could be used on great skin days, however the reason I recommend for mediocre days is the layering-up option. I find using fingertips to push and buff into the skin works wonders. The product is pliable and used with warm fingers easily melts into the skin. Plus the product is tacky and can be layered. One layer and skin look fresh and a better version of itself. Two layers hides imperfections and evens skin tone further. This is one handy little bottle and fast becoming a make-up fave! A quick shake of the bottle and a little packing into the skin, this gives you better skin in a few seconds flat! Minimal effort required.

IT Cosmetics CC Serum

For a similar result but thicker formula (using one layer of product) It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream (£31 for 32ml) has long been in my kit. It blends beautifully into the skin to even skin tone. Skin is protected by SPF50 and the coverage is pretty good. For the days when your skin is well behaved yet you feel you wish for a little more coverage then this is your secret weapon!

Easy to blend, this lasts on the skin well and hides imperfections, but doesn't mask your own skin. It really is a case of  'Your Skin But Better'.

NARS foundation

NARS' Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation £35 for 30ml) really is a cover-all (almost war paint) marvel. Although the texture of this foundation is thick, it is still surprisingly easy to blend and really does cover any imperfection you are concerned about, all with a non-cakey finish.

Skin can look a little flat using this (and the texture is more matte than the name suggests), however nothing a quick slick of bronzer and a spritz of your favourite finishing spray will fix.

If I was heading out for a night on the town (*rare - I'm more likely to be in comfy lounge-wear on the sofa with Tony, my cats, a cup of PG and something to nibble on*), NARS' foundation would be top of the list.

As this seems to last and last on the skin, I am quite sure this would last an evening of drinks, dancing and falling over into the kerb. You may wonder why the following morning you have a bruised ankle but at least you got home with a flawless face! If you like Estee Lauder Doublewear this is one to try. It lasts ages but the formula seems less clogging and less thick when applied.

So there you have it. A run down of my tried and tested bases. All offering something a little different, depending on the coverage you require and the type of skin-day you are having.

Will you try any of these? Or are you already using any of them in your routine already?