The Georgie Weekly

The Georgie Weekly

Well, hello there. It seems surreal, yet here I am again!

Let me rewind a little.  Around 6 years ago, I set up my very first blog - Bean's Beauty Blog. For me the name became tired and irrelevant rather too quickly. A nickname which I outgrew. My love for blogging wavered and for 6 months I just stopped writing. 

I didn't want to write just about beauty anymore, but about my cats, travel plans and my favourite mac 'n' cheese recipe (I'm still on the hunt). I wanted to chat about local life, share Barcelona photos and keep an online-diary. Write well-thought out think pieces and talk about female issues.  Somewhere to document life. BBB just didn't cut the mustard anymore.

So I'm back and pleased to meet you! I'm Georgie. I've ditched the BBB name tag and am here to share a tonne of content, on a (yes you guessed it) weekly basis.

Originally this blogging lark all kicked off with my love for beauty products and skincare. As the years flew by I now favour fabulous skincare and minimal makeup. Partial to a tinted moisturiser, glossy lips and natural eyes.

I'm a neutral girl in life (wow that makes me sound so dull, I'm actually very high-spirited), both with my makeup and wardrobe. And prefer removing makeup to applying. Oh, and just in case you are wondering (you know, so we can compare) my skin type is dry.

I love exploring both the UK (partial to a Sunday pub walk and pretty beach) and abroad. A country girl with a penchant for animals and a comfy pair of wellies. Think of me as the poster girl for Joules. The curvy version. My style is very much stripes and jeans. Flip flops in the summer, boots in the winter.

If you're looking for a fancy, scmanzy You Tube channel, there's not one. A laid back read with interesting content and an Instagram feed/IG TV to rival the Joules catalogue then you're in the right spot!

Now my tummy is rumbling, so I must resume my request for that ultimate mac 'n' cheese recipe. That or pop some toast in the toaster!

Stay tuned for the next installment! Every Sunday at 09.00am (GMT).

And if you do find my blog rather appealing (and believe I sound like the kind of gal you'd enjoy a cuppa with), then please do follow and share my blog on all the channels!

Finally, I want to hear from you! If there is something you would like to see on The Georgie Weekly please do drop a comment and let me know!