Get To Know Me. About The Georgie Weekly

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, a little housekeeping. The lovely lass with me is Lucy (with the camera) - she has been helping me with photos for my blog. Please do check out Lucy's site here!


To sum me up in a few words; kind, bubbly and family-orientated come to mind. My partner would say annoying, a good cuddler and annoying! I'm a Strawberry-blonde country girl, living and loving Norfolk life with Tony and our three cats. 

We live in a idyllic spot in Norfolk, complete with wonky cottage and Farrow and Ball painted walls. At heart I'm a real homebody and love pottering around at home organising cupboards, selling on eBay and weeding the flower beds. I'm currently writing this on Saturday 23rd November and my next job is packing away newly delivered logs into our log-store. Back-ache and rumbling tummy here we come! 


I like to think of myself as smart, straight forward and un-complicated. Although, I do find at times I battle with my own brain which informs me that I'm complex and a little on the quirky side. Certain situations make me extremely anxious (to the point where it's quite ridiculous). I constantly worry about being late when I'm always early. I'm not just talking about a few minutes, more like half an hour. I'm generous, loyal and I'd like to think thoughtful.


I work for a family-run business. It's hectic, great fun and I'm left alone to get through my ever-growing mountain of work. Based on a farm, we have a resident office cat. After working alongside said cat, I think it's paramount every work-place should have a moggy. Quite simply it should be the rules, in fact law. 

Feeling a little stressed or having a down day, a quick snuggle with our furry colleague is a real pick-me up. I literally cannot imagine working anywhere else and feel very lucky. Although it has taken a number of years to find my vocation and spot in the work place.

Get To Know Me. About The Georgie Weekly


I think of myself as a part-time traveller. Travelling now and then, although not quite as much as I would like (although we have a California road trip booked for next March - more on this coming to a blog near you soon, actually right here). I used to work for the now defunct Thomas Cook (*sad face*) and was sent to New Zealand and Australia within a 3 month period. 

I ended up with sand in my pants after giving sand-boarding a go, down some very steep dunes. I visited Auckland's Sky Tower, fed wild dolphins in the sea, enjoyed an evening with Maori's in a traditional ceremony.  I saw the crocodiles at Steve Irwin's zoo in Queensland. Basked literally in the sunshine at the Sunshine Coast. Took a boat trip out to White Island Volcano and visited the set of Lord of the Rings. I snapped photos of the hobbit holes and danced around the party tree. The actual itineraries are a little hazy know, however I do remember a wonderful and exhausting time.

When I was 18, I lived in Oklahoma (on a student exchange) and graduated from High School with a Diploma. We visited Missouri, Arkansas and Texas.


New York (x 3), Amsterdam, Paris, Brittany, Denmark, Barcelona, Malta, Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Capri, Sardinia, Turkey, Egypt - Luxor, Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh, Tenerife (x2), Greek Islands (a few times), Tunisia (not a fan), Mexico (hired a car and went to Chichen Itza and Coba), Cyprus, New Zealand (the North Island) and Australia (Queensland, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane).

Stopped over in LA, Dubai and Singapore.


As the years roll by I appreciate my family more than ever. I am extremely close to Mum and Dad and my brother, Joe (he is 2 years younger). We're all lucky to live within half an hour away of each other and manage to see each other fairly regularly. 

Be it enjoying steak and ale pies down at the local pub, having a casserole at Mum's or dog walking, we love nothing more than a catch up and it nearly always centres around a good meal (made by Mum)! 

I am far from being a natural cook, I have never really been very good and wish I was a little more interested in creating something tasty. I think Mum has spoilt us over the years. The dishes I have tried to create never taste quite the same!

I grew up on a farm, so animals have always been a massive part of life. Toby was my first pony. At around a young age I found myself at gymkhanas on a Sunday, pegging washing on a line whilst dragging an unwilling pony around the course. I was a super keen rider and I feel looking back a pretty competent pilot!

The best pony I was lucky enough to own was Kipper. A bay gelding, he rode and behaved like a small horse and was particularly cheeky. Easy to handle, he always came home with an armful of rosettes and trophies. After a particularly hot day in the summer I discovered his love for orange lolly pops!

I rode all through my teens and particularly loved cross country and any jumping event. The thoroughbred I had when I was around 15 jumped for fun and he and I became inseparable. I could tack him up in the middle of the paddock and he wouldn't budge. He was a bigger version of Kipper, though not quite so well behaved. 

Burghley Horse Trials in Stamford is an annual treat run over 4 days at the beginning of every September. We always used to have a membership and would head off on all 4 days. We'd load up the car with a picnic (tuna sandwiches and homemade flapjacks), wellies and occasionally dogs (depending on the day and the dog). Burghley has grown over the years and the location is spectacular, set in front of beautiful Burghley House. I was even a member of Burghley Pony Club and took great pride in telling anyone who would listen that I had ridden at Burghley, only if it was club level!

Get To Know Me. The Georgie Weekly


My beauty routine these days is minimal. Great skincare, a stack of face masks for every type of skin day (I like to be prepared) and often make-up free days. I find my skin to be fairly clear and it behaves better when I'm applying less products. My complexion is smooth and spot-free, a quick slick of a lightweight base, sometimes mascara and lip-gloss/balm are all I generally reach for.  

I'm a jeans, striped top, comfy cardigan and trainers/boots kind of girl. My favourite brands include Fat Face, Joules, Crew Clothing and White Stuff. 

I'm no trendy Tina, however I know what I like and what suits me.  If you're wanting to follow a style guru then walk away now! I currently have around seven bags in my collection and use a tan leather one daily (from Joules). I am even now considering on downsizing! eBay here we come!

Currently a size 18 (UK), I do struggle with weight. I've always been curvy and have boobs and a bum. Although I am currently on a bit of a health kick (or at least trying). This includes eating less Dairy Milk, more broccoli, upping the water intake and trying to move more! Trying to get down to a solid size 16. Expect more on this soon.

I'll sign off now. Now you know much more about me, it's time for me to find out more about you. Leave a random fact about yourself in the comments, or you can tweet or me. I'd love to know more about my readers!

Until next time,where I will be sharing my current stash of luxury empties!